Healing with Naylin

Naylin begins each session by creating a
sacred and supportive space
where you can share important details and
events about your life.

Healing with Naylin

Naylin begins each session by creating a
sacred and
supportive space
where you can share important details and
events about your life.

Throughout the healing process, you may need to express unpleasant memories and emotions.

Naylin will tailor your session to suit your individual needs and circumstances.

Sessions may incorporate a range of shamanic techniques to remove obstacles and release unwanted energies that are negatively impacting your life.

Naylin has experience in facilitating shamanic energy sessions that address a wide range of concerns.

She offers gentle guidance, enabling spiritual growth and energy healing by drawing on age-old wisdom and methods passed down to her through her Q’ero Shaman lineage.

Examples of the kinds of healing transformations
that Naylin provides:

Childhood Trauma

Offers healing by acknowledging the impact of childhood trauma on all aspects of an individual including the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Sessions often include a combination of chakra illumination, sound healing, cord cutting, inner child work, and soul retrieval.

Sacred Womb Healing

Sacred womb healing combines ancient wisdom and shamanic energy medicine to support women who have experienced stillbirths, miscarriages, abortions, molestation, and/or rape.

These sessions help women heal from deep pain and trauma by utilizing shamanic techniques that are known to release energetic imbalances, allowing them to reclaim their divine feminine energy.

Guilt and shame

These heavy emotions can affect people in many ways, including physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. This kind of healing journey helps individuals recognize and accept their own and others’ humanity and imperfections. It leads to releasing feelings of guilt and shame and replacing them with learning to be kind, forgiving, and accepting of oneself.


Shamanic energy healing addresses grief by helping individuals navigate the complex emotions and spiritual dimensions of loss. Techniques such as extraction can help individuals release stagnant energy, emotional blockages, and unresolved emotions that may be contributing to their grief. By clearing and balancing the energy body, the healing of emotional wounds promotes greater emotional resilience.

Toxic Relationships

Shamanic healing can provide powerful support for individuals who are navigating toxic relationships, whether with romantic partners, x partners, family members, friends, or colleagues.

Sessions may involve a variety of techniques such as energy extraction, cord cutting, auric cleansing, and chakra illumination.

Past Life Persecution Wounds

Energetic trauma can become trapped in a person’s energy body as a result of experiencing traumatic events in a past life. This trauma may be carried into their current life unintentionally. This often happens to individuals who have faced persecution, oppression, or violence because of their beliefs, identity, or actions. By gaining insights into past life traumas, individuals can understand the underlying causes of their current challenges.

Ancestral Healing

Shamanic ancestral healing offers the opportunity to break generational cycles of trauma, dysfunction, and limitation. It helps release inherited emotional, mental, and behavioral patterns to restore harmony within the ancestral lineage and resolve ancestral trauma passed down through generations. Overall, shamanic ancestral healing is a transformative practice that offers deep healing and liberation for individuals and their family lineage.

Starseed Activations

During a Starseed code activation session, dormant codes within a Starseed’s DNA can be activated to awaken their higher consciousness, spiritual gifts, and cosmic mission. This may involve visualization, intention setting, energy transmission, and other techniques to facilitate the awakening and activation process. Often, these sessions help Starseeds connect and remember their star lineage by awakening dormant memories.

Inner Child

Inner child sessions provide support, comfort, and healing for the parts of ourselves that were wounded during childhood. This process can help individuals recognize and validate their emotional experiences, release suppressed emotions, and nurture self-compassion and self-love. Shamanic techniques commonly used during these sessions include shamanic journeying, cord-cutting, auric cleansing, and chakra illumination.

Balancing Divine Feminine/Masculine

In many shamanic traditions, the concept of balance between these energies is seen as essential for overall health, well-being, and spiritual growth. Shamanic healing techniques support individuals in integrating and embodying the balanced expression of masculine and feminine energies in their daily lives. Shamanic journeys are often conducted during these sessions to receive guidance from spirit guides and retrieve power animals.

Aligning with Authentic Self

Shadow work and Soul Retrieval are methods commonly used for aligning with the authentic self. Shadow work explores the shadow aspects of the self—those parts that may have been rejected, suppressed, or disowned. Soul retrieval retrieves fragmented aspects of the soul that have been lost or disconnected due to trauma, conditioning, or other life experiences. This work can help individuals embody the qualities of their authentic selves and live in alignment with their deepest truths.

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